To ensure design continuity and completeness, interior design is included in the design team of all our architecture projects. The interior designer can also be independent of our in-house architectural team and still provide services to our clients on any scale.

Our interior design group provides services which include:

Office Planning: Design and planning of office spaces to create maximum efficiency, ease of communications and aesthetic design based on the analysis of the real space needs of the client.

Layout and Decor: Selection of colors, furniture and fixtures appropriate to the environment in an attractive and efficient layout that is closely coordinated with the client's budget. 

Signage: Design of directional, identification and information signage that help create unified visual communications in order to make a complex environment more easily understood and enjoyed.

Architectural Graphics: Design of painted murals that provide inexpensive decoration for and give identity to larger spaces.

Communications Design: Production of letterhead, annual reports, and presentation materials that help complete the project.